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The Pandemic and eCommerce - The Unlikely Duo

by Terrance Ramsey 13 Nov 2020 0 Comments

CNBC reported that 25,000 stores are predicted to close in 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic accelerates industry upheaval according to tracking by Coresight Research, with 55% to 60% of those situated in America’s malls. Because of the lockdowns and strict health regulations to fight the Pandemic, many businesses have been hit with the crisis, up to the point that many are filing for bankruptcy. 

Because of that data, you are probably wondering if you should follow my footstep or make the right business decision? That is to create an eCommerce store during these trying times when many retailers and big malls alike are already closing. Well, just like what the title of this article said, the Pandemic and eCommerce are your unlikely duo. 

Pandemics Will Come And Go But eCommerce Is Here To Stay

What the Pandemic highlighted this year is that eCommerce or online marketing is an excellent investment. In fact, it is a factor as to why many retailers are closing their physical stores. More and more people are shopping online because of convenience. Yes, you can see that people still go out despite the fear, but many people are still wary to go outside and do their shopping online. Then let’s add up the convenience of shipping and handling. Even if the restrictions are lifted, and everyone can shop physically now, one thing is for sure, businesses who haven’t transitioned to digital marketing will see eCommerce as the next big step. 

So What’s Stopping You?

It’s normal to have doubts; it is reasonable to be afraid when you want to invest in something new because money is involved. If you read my story, I can assure you that creating your own business will have its own set of challenges, but it doesn’t mean you will not succeed. Fortunately, I’ve written another article entitled Best Top Tips - How to Promote Your Clothing Brand Online so you can get a good start with your start-up, and you can get your brand of clothing rolling on your own eCommerce shop!  

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