Story of RBC

Terrance Ramses (Mr.Pineapple)


How Royal Blossom Company came about started with an entrepreneur Terrance Ramses from New Jersey, with a Caribbean heritage. This exotic fruit came to Terrance back in 2015. Terrance’s story is unique and relates to the red pineapple in every way. Terrance has always had the desire to be in a better climate as well as a better environment. Back in NJ, it's very cold there most of the time and the people aren’t that friendly.

Terrance used to be picked on about the latest fashions and just didn’t fit in with his peers. His mind was always wondering how to reach his full potential. In 2005, Terrance made a decision to move to Florida once he graduated high school. Once he graduated, Terrance moved down to Florida and attended Bethune-Cookman University. He Graduated with a Business Degree in 2012.

How does the Red pineapple relate to Terrance? The Red Pineapple and Terrance are one being. The Red pineapple is a unique fruit and often misunderstood because it doesn’t look like the yellow pineapples we see today. The only places that they grow are tropical environments by the equator. The soil has to be right in order for it to grow and be ripe. It blossoms when in the right climate and has the correct amount of sunlight to it.

The Red pineapple has to go through harsh seasons of growth in order for it to look the way it does and taste the way it does. It goes through periods of hurricanes which it has to survive in order for it to be as strong as it is. Terrance has had many storms in his lifetime that made him the tough and sweet individual you see today!

The Red Pineapple relates to God in every way. The mother plant of the pineapple spouts baby pineapples and are always growing to be ripe. As long as you're growing in your purpose with God you will be Ripe. When disconnected after a period of time pineapple will rot when not connected to the mother plant. If you're not connected to God eventually you'll start living a life without purpose and find death around you!