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Tampa Bay Academy of Hope Mentorship Program

by Terrance Ramsey 29 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Back in 2018, Ms. Lisa M reached out to Terrance on Facebook through a mutual friend that he does business with in the community. Ms. Lisa was impressed by the amount servitude and recommendations through Mr Oliver. Lisa requested a meet up about being a mentor to at risk youth in the community. Terrance gladly accepted the responsibility in building back the community to where it once was. This opportunity is one of the main components of Ripe Brand Clothing. Ripe Brand's Secret meaning is Repair, Broken, Communities. In order to Repair Broken Communities we as men must build up the next generation early and pour in the examples of family, love, structure, and morals. Terrance fully believes community service on multiple levels. He gladly signed up with the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope. 

Here is Darius of and Terrance spending time together at Mosi Science Museum. It was mentor Saturday. Mentor Saturday is where to spend time with your mentee at one assigned place and another place of the mentee's choice. This was a memorable experience. Children and Teens need various outlets besides their immediate family members. The reason being is that they can let guard down and be more expressive without judgement and consequence. The youth need to know that you care about them. 


This was Picture was at the end of 2018, with Mr Davis and his assistant. This was award night for all of the mentors that served the youth throughout the year. 

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