Best Top Tips - How to Promote Your Clothing Brand Online

Unless you’re Kanye West, it would be easy for you to sell a plain white shirt. However, we need to take every step to get our brand out there and be known. I remember the difficulty I had when trying to sell my very first shirt, and you need to be as resilient as the red pineapple because it can be very difficult to launch your brand. So read on as I give you the Best Top Tips - How to Promote Your Clothing Brand Online.

Build Your Website

“Hey, why do I need to build a website? I am already using eCommerce platforms to sell my brand.” That’s a good argument, but you should do multi-channel marketing if you want your brand to get known. eCommerce platforms can only say little about your brand. However, having your own website creates an intimate connection between you and your customers. Your website will tell them your mission, vision, or values of your brand. eCommerce platforms are just like accepting visitors in your porch, while the website is inviting them to come inside your house and have a deeper relationship with you. That’s deep. 

Build Your Social Media Empire

You might argue again that having your own website is already unnecessary to market in social media. But then again, if you want to speak the language of your target market and hang-out with them on their favorite spot, create a solid social media strategy. It is called social media because you need to socialize, so stop posting things that are only about you. Comment, like, collaborate, interact, and engage and at the same time telling people your brand story. The result? They’ll see your value and visit your website or eCommerce platforms to buy your brand. 

So what’s next after creating your website and social media channels? 

  • Content creation - everything about your brand should be appealing to the eyes. Your brand should match the aesthetics. So make sure you put out quality and hi-res pictures. If you’re posting videos, make sure it’s clean and crisp. Use applicable hashtags, witty captions. Instagram users are inclined to check the latest fashion, so make sure everything you post is Insta worthy. 
  • Blogging / Guest Blogging - you kinda what we’re doing right now. This builds trust between you and your potential customers because you share what’s happening in the industry and your brand. If you don’t know how to blog, another easy way is to guest blog, just don’t be shy in giving free stuff to the blogger. Of course, only contact bloggers that can relate to your brand story. 
  • Marketing Strategy - freebies, discounts, and coupons. Paid FB ads. Email marketing campaign. There are many ways to market your brand, but never forget to listen to data because it will tell you if what you’re doing is effective. 

  • Those are the basics of promoting your brand online, and along your journey, you’ll also learn to master the art of promoting your brand. Your victory won’t happen overnight, so prepare to be frustrated, and you just need to be strong. So celebrate small victories while you promote your brand and you’d be surprised how much you’ve grown! 

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